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SEO Salary in Australia - It isn’t covered that Search Engine Optimization is commanding the internet marketing industry overwhelmingly. Accordingly, SEO has erupted as a hot job profile in the job market as well. You would be eager to know the SEO salary in Australia before you choose it as a regular career option.

During recent years, digital penetration and eCommerce trends have led to an ever-growing demand for digital marketers. The industry convinces fresh graduates and professionals to enter the domain to grab plentiful growth opportunities.

The SEO Industry Incorporates Immense Career Prospects

Digital marketing has outranked the traditional marketing concepts thoroughly. Businesses are implementing web marketing strategies to reach their potential customers. It is the process of promoting businesses or brands using digital channels like websites, mobile apps, social media platforms, search engines, etc.

Some of the most stringent online marketing strategies include SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Web Design, Mobile App Marketing, Video Marketing, Content Marketing, etc.

Among all, Search Engine Optimization has captivated attention as a whole. Further, SEO is all about solidifying the website’s position in search engine results. This marketing strategy involves a plethora of metrics intended to generate traffic to the business’s website.

Businesses look for professional SEO marketers who formulate and implement reliable SEO campaigns on their behalf. The prime aim of SEO is to derive organic traffic to your website using various strategies like content marketing, on-page, off-page, etc.

You are going right if you decide to enter the SEO domain to adopt it as a life-long career. Being an SEO analyst is worth practicing your skills and knowledge for a business to obtain desired results.

Following the demand for SEO specialists, you will have an incredible scope for growth and career opportunities. At the same time, the salary is amongst the most asked factors when it comes to choosing this profession. In the following chapters, we will illustrate various SEO profiles and the roles that you will perform at the position.

Top SEO Job Profiles

Let’s explore various job profiles falling under the SEO umbrella. These profiles may vary from company to company in terms of assigned tasks and designation titles. Have a look.

  • SEO Trainee

It is the starting level job profile in the SEO industry. As an SEO Trainee, you will work under the guidance and supervision of SEO Executives. The prime objective of SEO Trainees is to learn the fundamentals of the concept and work procedures.

  • SEO Trainer

SEO Trainers are guys who train SEO Trainees. Their prime responsibilities are to teach juniors about the fundamental concepts of SEO practices, content strategies, and search engine protocols, etc.

  • SEO Analyst

An SEO Analyst is a professional well-blessed with advanced SEO tactics. They perform keyword research to identifying the most valuable keywords for projects. Moreover, they are also responsible for creating qualitative content strategies to engage and interact with more audiences.

  • SEO Strategist

As an SEO Strategist, you will analyze, review, and implement the required changes for website optimization. They execute various mixes of SEO tactics to boost rankings in search engines and improve visibility.

  • SEO Consultant

An SEO Consultant takes care of the company’s SEO strategy. They are responsible for content strategy planning website optimization, web analytics, web marketing, link building, and other activities.

  • SEO Manager

This is the designation to let you coordinate and implement SEO and search engine marketing campaigns for clients. Further, they build and coordinate with diverse teams within the organization to ensure greater results.

What About Australia?

If we consider the Australian continent in terms of the SEO industry, we get to witness a whopping demand for SEO professionals. The nation is full of diversities in terms of both natural elements and business circuits.

Furthermore, Australia is home to a great range of corporate companies of international standards. New startups come into existence frequently to make the need for digital marketers even more prevailing.

SEO Salary in Australia

This is the chapter to elaborate on salary packages of SEO experts working at various levels. If we take into consideration the average salary of an SEO specialist in Australia, it is AU$59,598 per annum – according to the PayScale website.

However, the SEO salary tends to variate according to the company profile, job location, experience, and skillsets, etc.

In terms of skills, the salary of an SEO specialist will be in the following manners:

  • Search Engine Optimization – AU$60,335
  • Web Content Management – AU$58,958
  • Web Analytics – AU$71,869
  • Google Analytics – AU$60,000
  • Search Engine Marketing – AU$64,968

Experience is another prominent factor to affect your salary in Australia. The more experience you obtain in the industry, the more you will get paid. An SEO Specialist with 1 to 4 years of experience can make AU$57,812 per year. Similarly, with 5 to 9 years of experience in the industry, you are eligible to earn up to AU$68,441 every year.

What is the SEO pay difference by location in Australia? Here’re the details. The location also has a great impact on your salary. Candidates working in Sydney, New South Wales are likely to earn 22% more than the national average. Likewise, you will receive 7% more than the national average while working in Adelaide.

On the other hand, Melbourne and Brisbane are likely to provide 2% and 15% less salary than the national average, respectively.

Overall, aspiring candidates, freshers, or other skilled professionals will have a gargantuan career scope in the SEO industry in Australia. Companies need skillful SEO specialists to capture the organic audience through their well-ranked websites on search engines.

The Final Thought

SEO is a significant organ under the digital marketing umbrella. It provides extensive jobs and career paths for young tech-savvies to have a prosperous future ahead.

The Australian SEO scenario isn’t far away from the rest of the world. The country hosts magnificent growth opportunities in the web marketing sector. Similarly, you are set to receive an impressive SEO salary in Australia against your work for clients. However, you can also strike as a freelancer to build your own customer base.

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