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Top 50 SEO Interview Question and Answers 2017 –Are you heading for SEO interview? Does the company you wanted to join from long hiring? Have you prepared for making your first impression the best one? You might have thought about the SEO interview questions and answers 2017 that interviewer could ask you. Since every company wants to hire the talent who could take them further, it is important for them to figure out who is eligible to join their team.

At WebHopers, we have interviewed the number of SEO experts and know about the industry trends. We have listed Top 50 SEO Interview Question and Answers 2017 which are asked by the interviewer in the interview. This could be a great help for you if you are preparing for SEO interview. We also provide the SEO Interview preparation classes in our SEO training. So you can join our SEO Course for the bright future.

So, let’s start with

Top SEO Interview Question and Answers

SEO Interview Questions and Answers asked in 2017

Below is some most asked question in the SEO interview by the interviewer. Get the best answers for them here and prepare for your interview.

Here we go,

Ques 1: What is Search Engine? Name Popular Search Engines?

Ans: Search engines are the computer software which is used to search any kind of data like text or a database for specified information. Search Engines are now part of our daily life. The popular search engines are:-

  • Google
  • Bing
  • com
  • Yahoo
  • com

Ques 2: What is SERPs?

Ans: SERPs stands for Search Engine Result Page. SERP is the list of results which search engine shows to a user for a specific word or phrase query. The site owners or web designers use search engine optimatisation (SEO) tools to make their sites and pages appear on the top of a SERP.

Ques: 3 What do you understand by SEO?

Ans: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. All popular search engines like Google, Bing, yahoo, etc have their primary search results, where web pages and other content like local listings, videos are shown and ranked. And to rank higher, you make changes to your website which make easier for the search engine to understand your content.

Ques: 4 What are the Types of SEO? Explain in Brief.

Ans: There are two types of SEO:

On Page SEO: On page SEO is done on the web page or the website which include content optimization, checking the quality of content etc.

Off page SEO: Off page, SEO is done outside the Website and web page such as social book marking, link building etc.

Ques 5: What is the Importance of SEO?

Ans: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is very important for the website. We use SEO tools to increase a website’s positions in search engine results in pages on sites like Google, Yahoo etc.

Ques 6: What do you understand by Local SEO?

Ans: Local SEO is done keeping in mind about the local customers in a particular area. It is a way of marketing the business online for the local customers. This process helps the business to grow locally by providing the goods and services to the customers at the exact time they’re looking for them.

Ques 7: Name some off Page SEO technique.

Ans: Some common Off Page SEO technique are:

  • Blogging
  • Social Media Sites
  • Link Building
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Local Listing

Ques 8: Differentiate between SEO and SMO.

Ans: SEO is the technique that is used to rank a website or web page higher on the search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing extra. Whereas in Social Media Optimization, several social media platform are used or optimized in order to bring traffic on the website.

Ques 9: What are the important areas to include the Keyword?

Ans:  H1 Tag, Body Text, Image Name and Alt Attribute

 Ques 10: What are Keywords and why they are used?

Ans:  Keyword is the phrase which is used by the users by typing in the search box of the search engine in order to get the results. The search engine then checks its database and provides the web page.

Keyword is important because they provide the good source of the target audience and with the good use of keyword business could reach to its target audience. Through Keywords, your targeted audience could easily find you.

Ques 11: What is Keyword Density? Tell its Formula.

Ans:  In simple words keyword density is the amount of keyword or the phrase which is used in the content. The Formula to calculate the keyword density is Number of time the same keyword appeared in the content divided by the total words content contain multiplied by 100.

Ques 12: What is keyword stemming?

Ans:  Keyword stemming is the procedure of creating new words from the same root word.  2003 with the Florida update.

The example of Keyword Stemming is:  “bats”, “batting”, “batter”, “batted” here by adding the suffix modification is done

Ques 13: What is LSI?

Ans: Latent Semantic Indexing is the keywords which are related to the main keyword. These keywords can be found at the bottom of Google’s SERP. In order to avoid the keyword, stuffing LSI keyword can be used.

Ques 14: Which SEO tools you commonly use?

Ans:  Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Keyword Planner,

Ques 15: What is Google Search Console?

Ans: Google Search Console was previously known as Google webmaster, it allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites.

Ques 16: What is Google analytics?


Ques 17: What do you understand by the Black hat and Whites Hat SEO?

Ans: Black Hat SEO include the unethical use of techniques for getting the higher ranking on the search engine.

White Hat SEO is the terminology which is given to the Search engine Optimizations. It includes the techniques which are based on the search engine rules and target the human audience.

Ques 18: Name Common Black Hat SEO Techniques.

Ans: Cloaking, Link-exchanges, Duplicate Content, Buying Links, Keyword Stuffing

Ques 19: What is Indexing?

Ans: To make the content of the site available on the search engine for the user we need to be included in the Google index. The Google index lists all of the web pages that Google knows about. When Google visits your site, it detects new and updated pages and updates the Google index.

Ques 20: What is crawler?

Ans: It is a software which works by collecting all the information about the web page and the website and then further index them in the search engine.

Ques 21: What are Internal Links?

Ans: These are the hyperlinks that move user or the search engine crawler from one page to another of the same site.

Ques 22: What are Backlinks?

Ans: Backlinks is the hyperlink which is present on another website and gives direction to your website. In other words, the incoming links to your website or webpage are the backlinks.

Ques 23: Explain Do-follow link.

Ans: It is a type of a hyperlink. These type of links passes through the search engines and provide the good benefits to the ranking.

Ques 24: What is No-follow Link?

Ans: These are the backlinks which are not passed by the bots of search engine that is why known as Nofollow. These links cannot be cached or indexed.

Ques 25: What is the significance of Backlinks?

Ans: Backlinks are significant for a website to increase the credits in a search engine page result. Quality backlinks of your website will also improve the relevancy that will further improve the rankings.

Ques 26: What is anchor text?

Ans: Anchor text is basically the clickable text on your website. It helps in linking to another web page or website.

Ques 27: Do you know about the inbound link and outbound Link?

Ans: An inbound link is a hyperlink on a third-party web page that points to a web page on your site. Whereas, the outbound link takes two different web pages or websites.

Ques: 28: What are Classified sites and Why they are important?

Ans: A classifieds site is a place where people can buy & sell things such as Job Boards, Second-hand cars, Real Estate websites, Second-Hand items etc.

Ques 29: What do you know about Google Boats?

Ans: Google uses the Googlebot software to index the Web page. The crawling, caching and indexing of a web page carried out by the Googlebot through collecting details from that web pages.

Ques 30: What is Domain and Domain Extension?

Ans: A domain is an IP address of a website and domain extension is the notation at the end of a web address that specifies an Internet category or a country code.

Ques 31: What is Domain Authority?

Ans: A domain authority is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Ques 32: What is Page Authority?

Ans: Page Authority (PA) is a score that predicts how well a specific page will rank on search engine result pages (SERP).

Ques 33: What is Page Rank?

Ans: Page rank is nothing but Google’s analysis algorithm which is used to get the significance about the importance of a website. High Quality, Relevant and trust worthy website gets the Page rank by Google.

Ques 34: What is Web Hosting?

Ans: It is services that permit an individual or any company, office or organization to start a website or web page on the internet. Hre the web hosting service provider introduces the services and technologies which are needed for the website or web page to be seen on the internet.

Ques 35: Briefly explain the Web Server?

Ans: It is a program that uses the HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) in order to serve the files which are web pages for the users. The users request for these web page, the web server get’s the HHTP files from the computer of the user and on the basis of this request provide the necessary data.

Ques 36: What are Meta Tags?  Name its Types along with character limit.

Ans: Meta Tags are described as the snippet of the text that generally describes the content of the page. These are the tags which are visible in the page code not on the page itself.

Two types Meta tags in SEO.
1. Description Meta tag with 150 characters limits
2. Keyword Meta tag with 200 characters limits

Ques 37: What do you understand by the spider and robots? Explain their function.

Ans: The search engine spiders are called the crawlers and robots. It is a program that keeps search engine aware of any new web pages or information on the internet. Robots identify the pages of sites and built the list of words and phrases. they find the exact pages that are needed to be indexed.

Ques 38: Do you read any SEO Blog? Name some.

Ans: Search Engine Land, Moz, Search Engine Journal,  Jimboykins, SEOSmarty.

Ques 39: What is the significance of Bookmarking in SEO?

Ans: Book marketing helps in quick indexing, helps in building the natural links, they also helps in natural links and  it helps in driving free and targeted traffic.

Ques 40: What are the latest Google SEO updates?

Ans: Some latest updates in Google are:

  1. Google Panda
    2. Google Penguin
    3. Google Humming bird

Ques 41: What is Robot.txt?

Ans: It is a text file. The search engine gets the instruction through the robot.txt to crawl regarding indexing and caching of particular web pages, domain, etc.

Ques 42: Is Google+ helpful in SEO?

Ans: Yes, it’s is helpful for SEO. Google+ content gets indexed immediately the person who gets the email from you is able to see your google account this could help in increasing the traffic and last but not the least the communities over Google+ are essential for good SEO.

Ques 43: Do you know about cloaking?

Ans: If we go by the definition by the definition of Google clocking is known as “a website that returns altered webpages to search engines crawling the site.” This means the users getting the information is different from th information which Google bots are getting from the same web page.

Ques 44: Tell about 301 redirections.

Ans: 301 is referred to the HTTP status. Redirects are also known as URL forwarding as the name suggest, it is a permanent redirect that passes 90 to 99% of link juice to the other web page.

Ques 45: What is YOST SEO?

Ans: Yost SEO is a very popular SEO plugins which provide the great solution for the SEO and helps in making SEO easy. With the help of YOST SEO we can add Meta title, Meta description and Meta keywords in each post and page of the website.

Ques 46: What is Sitemap? Name its types.

Ans: It is simply a list of pages on the website. Only the Spider and the user have the authority to go through the sitemaps. It is used to give the good path to the search engine crawler to go through each and every web page.

Ques 47: What is Google Sandbox?

Ans: It is an imaginary place which is considered as the storing place for Google. Google here stores new websites. New website are do not appear on the search engine. Once the Google verifies the legitimacy only then these websites are moved to the Google Index.

Ques 48: What is 408 Error?

It is an HTTP status code that signifies that the information that you have requested

Ques 49: If your competitors give you spam backlinks, how do you reject that?

Ans: By disavowing these links, and by running the full backlink audits then removing the bad or spammy links is the best way to avoid any penalty.

Ques 50: How will you recover the site hit by Panda update?

Ans: It can be recovered by:

  •  writing quality content
  • By removing unnecessary pages/posts from Google search
  • By removing low-quality content


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