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PPC Job Opportunities in India – PPC that means pay per click is one of the latest techniques which come under the category of Digital Marketing methods. This is a new technology and there are various PPC job opportunities in India. This is basically an online method in which advertisers pay a particular amount each and every time when their one advertisement is clicked. This method brings traffic to the websites.

PPC jobs in india

PPC Training is in great demand. People can earn well after learning PPC as there are various employment options in this field. There are different job roles in PPC and some of those are explained below.

Different PPC Job Opportunities In India

PPC Analyst

A PPC analyst is responsible for the rate of clicks that certain advertisements result in. They manage the pay per click media strategies for customers. The average pay for a Pay Per Click analyst is Rs 2,42,019 per year.

  Job Roles and Duties of a Pay Per Click Analyst

  1. Must perform daily account management activities related to pay per click accounts such as Yahoo, Bing, Google Adwords, and other search engine platforms.
  2. Can perform keyword research for different markets.
  3. Should manage and develop techniques for increasing the effectiveness of paid search campaigns.
  4. Can generate weekly client reporting.
  5. Must stay updated with the latest search engine and PPC industry trends.
  6. Should possess leadership skills so that they can work with other team members to meet their client’s goals.

PPC Executive

A PPC executive is responsible for handling paid advertising accounts and creating campaigns for paid advertising regularly. The paid advertisements help the website to reach the top of the search results. The average salary of a PPC executive per month is Rs 21,620 per month.

Job Roles and Duties of a PPC Executive

  1. Must know how to plan, optimize, implement and manage paid search campaigns for different clients.
  2. Can manage medium to big sized PPC budgets.
  3. Should stay updated with the latest industry trends.
  4. Perform keyword research and manage all bids for the clients.
  5. Ensures PPC campaigns are up and optimized.
  6. Must define PPC strategies for a host of clients.

PPC Manager

A PPC manager is responsible for overall management of paid search engine campaigns and reports to the clients. They take charge of launching and optimizing PPC campaigns. The average salary of a PPC Manager is Rs 5,91,738 per year.

Job Roles and Duties of a PPC Manager

  • Should have expertise in Search Engine Marketing.
  • Ensure that your online marketing methods should get more return on investments.
  • Should involve in keyword selection and audience targeting.
  • Can track KPI’s to assess performance.
  • Must develop new campaigns across multiple channels.
  • Should possess excellent communication skills.
  • Must think in an analytic manner.

PPC Specialist

A PPC specialist is responsible for planning and optimizing the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns. They are experts in internet advertising. The average salary of a PPC specialist is Rs 3,24,850 per annum in India.

  Job Roles and Duties of a PPC Specialist
  1. The basic area of work is to manage pay per click advertising campaigns.
  2. Should be a critical thinker and flexible for change as every industry implements new ideas and theories to work.
  3. Must be able to understand the client’s goals and track the KPI’s that are relevant to the clients.
  4. Should possess the quality trait of multi-tasking.
  5. Ability to work within a team as well as independently.

Paid Search Account Manager –

A paid search account manager is responsible for day to day communication, management and reporting of their clients. The average salary of a paid search account manager is Rs 6,43,571 per year.

 Job Roles and Duties of a Paid Search Account Manager
  1. Should achieve client goals through paid search and social media.
  2. Must have expertise in Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and Google Analytics.
  3. Should know the basic rules of accountability.
  4. Possess web analytics experience.
  5. Strong time management and organization skills.
  6. Can do management and reporting of PPC accounts.
  7. Should identify new opportunities of paid search for the clients.

PPC Expert

PPC experts are basically searching engine experts. Their primary responsibility is to maintain pay per click internet advertising campaigns. The average salary of a PPC expert is Rs 2,33,306 every year in India.

Job Roles and Duties of a PPC Expert
  1. Should have good writing as well as communication skills.
  2. To stay updated is one of the much-needed qualities in a PPC Expert.
  3. Have strong analytical skills.
  4. Should be familiar with latest search engine practices.
  5. A PPC expert should have experience in content management also.
  6. Should have a basic understanding of HTML, XML, and JavaScript.


Above mentioned are the different pay per click job roles or job opportunities in India. You can take training in pay per click and can gain knowledge in this field. This is a versatile and evergreen field in which you can learn a lot. By doing pay per click training, you can become any one of the above-mentioned job position holders and after gaining experience of 4 to 5 years in this field, you can earn a handsome amount of salaries. By having appropriate skills in PPC, you can gain expertise in any of the above-mentioned job duties.

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