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Node JS training in Chandigarh - NodeJS training is becoming an important part of web development. This training is provided by WebHopers Academy. In the growing industry, everyone wants to learn NodeJS. We allow leaner by providing training as well as a job in this field. Our ambition is to provide quality services. With the teams of professionals, we offer the best coaching in our Academy. 

Node.JS is an open-source development platform for executing JavaScript code server-side. The application that required a persistent connection from the browser to the server, NodeJS is used for those. This is often used for real-time applications such as chat, a news feed, and web push notification.

How we categorized the program NodeJS?

We divided this program into parts so that everyone can understand this with ease.

  • Introduction
  • Modules and NPM
  • Asynchronous iteration
  • Advanced buffers
  • Child processes
  • Cryptography
  • TCP
  • HTTP
  • File-system
  • TLS
  • Event emitter
  • Streams
  • How to create HTTP servers
  • Using a Node.JS HTPP framework
  • Express JS
  • Flatiron JS
  • Socket IO
  • Using a relational database with Node.JS
  • Learn Node.JS fundamental classes
  • Learn about module management in NodeJS
  • Networking with Node.JS
  • Create HTTP application with Node.JS
  • Integration with third-party services
  • Build real-time services with Node.JS

What is the scope After Getting NodeJS Courses in Chandigarh?

Well, Nowadays, Due to competition, NodeJS is very trending and it has its benefits to learn this.

  • One language that works for all development stacks
  • Mostly prefer by the developers
  • Easy to learn
  • Makes way for real-time application
  • Used in production by large companies
  • Used for its non-blocking or asynchronous nature
  • Quick server-side solution
  • Flexibility

What are the Pre-requirements for Node.JS?

  1. Intermediate knowledge of JavaScript
  2. Intermediate programming knowledge

Why choose WebHopers for Node.JS training?

WebHopers is one of the renowned Academy Chandigarh.  We provide quality services so we have many reasons to choose us.

  • Demo before joining.
  • Daily projects.
  • Professional trainers.
  • Professional syllabus.
  • Online classes.
  • week and weekly classes.
  • Individual attention.
  • Placement option.
  • Preparations for interviews.
  • Backup classes.
  • Practical training.
  • Authorized certificates.

Why only WebHopers for Node.JS Training in Panchkula Chandigarh & Mohali?

Node JS is very popular in these days. So, with full dedication, we teach our students and make them able to get a higher quality job.  We provide services at very little cost because a student's career is our priority. There is no compromising with studies. We prepared students as professionals. We care, students, we care about you. First, try our services then believe it.

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Phone Number - 9056855559

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