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Job Oriented Courses After MCA - Students who are pursuing their masters are often confused about the further options for building a stable career in the future. They have a choice of doing higher studies or any job oriented course for getting better job opportunities. Here we will tell you about the job oriented courses after MCA.

Job Oriented Courses After MCA

An MCA student already has enough knowledge about the computer subject. But the need of the hour is to apply that knowledge in the right direction to move forward in life. Masters of Computer Applications is a well-known degree which provides specialization in computers, software, working, and security. You should do a job oriented course during the final year of your MCA degree or after completing MCA.

List Of Best Job Oriented Courses After MCA

Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing is a constantly evolving field with bringing new and latest trends in the market every day. The scope of digital marketing is increasing day by day and it is creating more career opportunities for IT individuals.

Benefits Of Doing Digital Marketing Course

  • There are more job opportunities in this field. Many It companies are creating different job opportunities in this area.
  • More salary packages are there in this field. This is so because as the demand for digital marketing services is increasing which ultimately creates more jobs in this field.
  • By learning about digital marketing, you can kickstart your own career in a very simple manner.
  • One more benefit of doing digital marketing course is that you will get significant Google certifications such as Google Adwords certificate and Google Analytics certificate.

Web Development Course

Web Development Course is also a better choice for getting better job opportunities in your future. By learning about web development, you will be able to code websites and build different types of website applications by using the latest technologies. As people spend more time on the Internet and there is an increasing demand for informative websites nowadays.

Benefits Of Doing Web Development Course

  • You will gain knowledge about HTML, Javascript, CSS, Word Press which are all good platforms for creating different types of websites.
  • This course will help you in grasping the latest technical skills about the IT industry.
  • You can work on an individual basis as a web designer and can set up your own company.
  • There are many companies that work online only and that is why the demand for website designers is increasing in the IT industry.

Software Programming

An MCA student can go for software programming course as doing this course will also open various doors of good job opportunities. In this course, you need to select any one language of your choice and have to gain complete knowledge about that particular language. The language can be JAVA, C, C plus, Oracle, SAP, Linux, ASQ, and more.

Benefits of Doing Software Programming Course

  • A career in software programming will help you in earning more salary.
  • You will gain creative and problem-solving techniques in every aspect of your life.
  •  In this field, new opportunities are always created with the advancement in technology.
  • A career in software programming will give you a sense of accomplishment. It will give you a chance to create something valuable for people for making their day to day work easy.

Oracle Certification Course

Oracle is a database management system which is produced and marketed by Oracle Corporation. This platform is used by Global Enterprises for managing data across local and wide area networks. Many IT industries have implemented the Oracle technology in their businesses as it is highly profitable.

Benefits Of Doing Oracle Certification Course

  • An Oracle qualification will offer you an added advantage of staying distinct than the crowd especially when several candidates are competing for the same position.
  • This certification will highlight your profile with a secure digital badge. It will also add valuable weight to your resume.
  • On qualifying Oracle OCA DBA credential, you become eligible for an entry-level job and this will also increase your chances of a successful career.


Everyone look for better career opportunities with which they can get higher salaries and greater stability. The students who are studying are always concerned about the implementation of knowledge gained in their studies in their work. In the above discussion, we have listed about the trending job oriented courses that MCA students can do and make themselves successful

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