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Ethical Hacking Training in Chandigarh - Webhopers Academy is the Best Ethical Hacking Training institute in Panchkula Chandigarh offering a Certified Ethical Hacker course. We have a team of experts to handle the hands-on experience on the technology and experience in working which makes sure to deliver our best to the students while working on the LIVE project. Our Ethical Hacking team has an experienced in cybersecurity, network security, ethical hacking training, information security, etc. platforms. Webhopers Academy has the best couches to train you and make you perfect in all Network Security.


What is Ethical Hacking

The legal method adopted to track vulnerabilities in the operating environments of information systems is known as ethical hacking and ethical hacker also is known as a white-hat hacker which is the ultimate security professional who knows how to find and exploit vulnerabilities in various systems.

Ethical Hacking courses in chandigarh

According to the EC-Council, the definition of ethical hacking is “An individual who is usually employed with an organization or any company and who can be trusted to undertake an attempt to penetrate networks or computer systems using the same methods and techniques as a malicious or black hat hacker.”


In Today’s time, the ethical hacking profession is growing more and more by leaps and bounds. Major corporations like Apple, Instagram, Facebook, and several top law enforcement agencies are employing white hat hackers to seal loopholes in computer security. For those ethical hackers who can protect against threats, these organizations or companies are offering bug bounty programs.

What is the role of Ethical Hacking

  • An ethical hacker uses many port scanning tools like Nmap or Nessus to scan one’s own systems and find out the open ports. The vulnerabilities with each of the ports can be further studied, and remedial measures can be taken according to that.
  • Ethical hackers examine patch installations and then make sure that they cannot be exploited.
  • The ethical hacker engages in social engineering concepts like dumpster diving—rummaging through trash bins for passwords, charts, or anything with crucial information that can be used to generate an attack.
  • An ethical hacker also employs other social engineering techniques like shoulder surfing to gain access to crucial information or play the kindness card to trick employees to part with their passwords.
  • An ethical hacker will attempt to evade IDS (Intrusion Detection systems), IPS (Intrusion Prevention systems), honeypots, and firewalls.
  • The ethical hacking is used in Sniffing networks, bypassing and cracking wireless encryption, and hijacking web servers and web applications.
  • Ethical hackers also handle issues related to laptop theft and employee fraud.

Ethical Hacking Course Benefits from Webhopers Academy:

  1. The certification is provided by EC-Council, one of the leading certification authorities in the field of cybersecurity. This certificate is valid in India and abroad as well.
  2. This training course introduces you to all the techniques and different kinds of attacks as well as how to defend these attacks to make your website/network more secure.
  3. After completing this Ethical Hacking course from Webhopers Academy, you will be able to successfully identify, stop and prevent the latest cyber attacks.
  4. Experience Real-World with Ethical Hacking course
  5. Academic Theory & Best Practice Application from expert trainers
  6. Self-Directed & Team-Driven Components
  7. DVD with tools, Videos, Practice Tests, Virtual Labs.
  8. Audio and Video Tutorials which helps students doing practical sessions at your study desk also.
  9. Variety of Study Material, Books, PDFs, Video lectures, Sample questions, Interview Questions( Technical and HR), and Projects.
  10. Globally Recognized Course Completion Certificate(PMKVY & Digital India).
  11. It helps students to take knowledge of complex technical concepts.

Webhopers Academy has been providing advance training and services with upgraded contents to IT Professionals. We give the best training in Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security, and Network Security. Our motive is to focus on the high-performance level of students and producing the best results. Stand up with our commitments. Our Academy provides the best in ethical hacking training in Chandigarh.

If you are interested in ethical hacking training courses and are looking for the best possible training by a certified company and trainers, your search ends at Webhopers Academy in Panchkula Chandigarh, a well-known company in Northern region. The company Experts have in-depth knowledge about the concepts of security and long experience in the industry provide training for professional white hat ethical hacking. Their expert guidance will help develop skills and boost the confidence of the students that will enable you to work like a professional.

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