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Digital Marketing Salary in UK - Internet marketing jobs is trending at the moment. Businesses look forward to recognizing the potential of digital marketing strategies to shine their sales figures by yielding the maximum conversion. This guide is to concentrate on the digital marketing salary in UK to encourage young candidates towards this ever-growing career profile.

Digital Marketing is Ever-Growing Marketing Philosophy in the UK

It is a universally accepted ideology that the Internet of things (IoT) is the real dominator of the advertising industry. The conception of online marketing has evolved significantly throughout the last two decades. Given the trending approach of internet technologies, marketing teams are inclining rapidly towards installing digital marketing strategies for businesses.

Accordingly, college or university graduates and undergraduates are perceiving digital marketing as an opportunity-rich career option. The demand for professional digital marketers with skills and know-how to generate effective strategies has increased throughout the United Kingdom. The domain acknowledges various job opening up at all levels.

If you are a part or desire to be a part of this fast-paced and creative corridor, this the guide for you. We will deliberate on digital marketing jobs, the latest salary trends, and career prospects in the UK.

Various Job Profiles in the Digital Marketing Profession

Digital marketing is a broad concept. It is far more than only building a website or a PPC marketing campaign. Accordingly, the industry hosts various job profiles designed specifically for professionals with extreme knowledge of that particular field.

As a whole, online marketing is a blend of several marketing branches such as:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Website Design & Development

Let’s go through some key roles to fall under the digital marketing job panel:

Digital Marketing Manger

The digital marketing manager is the high-performing guy holding intensive responsibility for client projects. They receive the highest compensation for their roles within the organization like;

  • Planning, managing, and executing online marketing campaigns
  • Managing paid advertising campaigns, budget, and more on a monthly/quarterly basis
  • In-depth understanding of SEO marketing tactics in terms of search volume, conversion rate, etc.
  • Overall, they are responsible for the whole marketing policies and results.

Digital Marketing Manager Salary in the UK: The salary figure fluctuates throughout the nation. The average salary is £31,024; however, it can rise to £34,766 with some years of experience.

London is the top paying destination for this role. The digital marketing manager can expect to make £34,650. However, digital marketing managers are expected to earn the lowest amount in Nottingham (£25,875).

Digital Marketing Coordinator

The digital marketing coordinator is another well-respected position in the digital marketing profession. The salary figure definitely affects the responsibility that comes with such a prestigious role.

Further, the head (coordinator) of the digital marketing team is someone revolving the whole story around himself. It encompasses fascinating web marketing pursuits i.e. PPC, SEO social media management, and email campaigns.

Digital Marketing Coordinator Salary in the UK: They are expected to make £28,306 per year. After some years of experience, they can take home up to £35,926.

Similarly, Coventry is the top-paying city with an average salary (£33,327), while Edinburgh is the least-paying city with a £29,948 average salary per year.

Digital Marketing Executive

The digital marketing executive is an integral player of any marketing team to lead the marketing campaigns efficiently. They help the marketing strategies to reach the targeted audience by monitoring social campaigns and launching online advertisements.

Furthermore, digital marketing executives are set to report to managers. They are responsible and analyzing and focusing campaign data to ensure the desired results are achieved within the specified timeframe.

Digital Marketing Executive Salary in UK: These professionals are supposed to earn £25,645 on average per year in the UK. They can get paid up to £26,307 after some years.

Again, London is the region with the highest salary package (£29,582) for digital marketing executives, while the West Midlands offers the least salary (£23,950) to digital marketing executives.

Digital Marketing Internship

Without any shred of doubt, a successful digital marketing career always begins as an internship. This is the phase where candidates yield valuable experience and develop all the required skillsets to fit the best role.

Further, interns are great to assist trainees in day-to-day administrative duties to back the marketing teams. They manage emails, plan meetings, and conference calls.

Digital Marketing Internship Salary in UK: Because these roles are seen as educational ones, thus, the salary package is quite low for this role. Overall, digital marketing interns can make £17,000 to £20,000 on average.

In addition to these job profile roles, a digital marketing professional also involves some other prominent roles as mentioned above. A Digital Marketer can also be any of the following specialists:

  • SEO Analyst
  • Social Media Marketing Specialist
  • Website Designer & Developer
  • PPC Specialist
  • Email Marketer
  • Video Producer
  • Content Strategist

Digital Marketing Salary in UK: Location-Wise

There are quite noticeable differences as per locations within the nation. The average salary of a digital marketing specialist in the UK varies as follow:

A marketing specialist is expected to earn around 15% more than the national average. On the other side, Manchester, Bristol, Glasgow, Birmingham, Edinburgh are some of the cities that pay 9%, 5%, 26%, 10%, and 10% less than the national average, respectively.

The Final Words

Digital marketing is a flexible circuit where businesses get an innovative approach to find their potential customers. The sector also provides a wide array of career and job opportunities for tech-savvies and marketing professionals across the globe.

Thinking of a career in digital marketing is great to have a secure profession in the future. Especially in the United Kingdom, the web marketing concept has thrived significantly. Moreover, the digital marketing salary in UK is another captivating factor to magnetize youngsters towards the field.

One can have a reputed career in any of the digital marketing branches. You just need to carve your skills in your area of interest to have a fruitful career ahead.

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