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Digital Marketing Salary in Australia - This piece is to explain the digital marketing salary in Australia. Digital marketing allows businesses to find new prospects across new dimensions. This is the latest advertising approach to come with a plethora of benefits over traditional marketing. Consequently, digital marketing has emerged as a new bracket in the job market as well.

You must be familiar with this innovative way of marketing using internet technologies. It is a collection of activities to promote a business/brand via online channels like websites, mobile apps, search engines, social media platforms, etc.

Some of the most popular and effective marketing strategies to fall under the digital marketing umbrella include;

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Paid Marketing (PPC)
  • ECommerce Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Voice Search
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile App Marketing

A Career in Digital Marketing is High in Demand and Growth

Are you looking for a career in the high-in-demand industry? Digital marketing is the area you must perceive. Online marketing requires skilled professionals and dedicated guys with a drive to learn and implement.

We simply can term it as a career that values diverse skillsets. A fully-fledged web marketing agency involves specialists from creatives to analysts to technology freaks.

Young candidates can intrude into the digital marketing career even they lack experience. Digital marketing is among those rare fields that house many facets, which are further tended to change rapidly to make experience the least necessity.

If you are keened to enter this trending corridor, keep reading and learning about the new-style marketing method to carve and expand your knowledge grip. Digital marketing continues to evolve to position new marketing metrics to help brands achieve their primary goals. Ultimately, the demand for immature to skilled online advertising professionals is always on the rise.

Why Choose Digital Marketing Career in Australia?

Geographically, Australia is the 6th largest nation in the world. Its history dates back to more than 50,000 years. Presently, Australia is one of the most developed and prosperous countries on earth.

In terms of economic values, Australia is home to scads of service industries like education, tourism, financial services, mining, agriculture, and lots of other contributors.

The digital marketing industry also has witnessed a great hike in the country during recent years. With the immense boost in the corporate sector, the online marketing trend also has encouraged magnificently.

Small-to-medium-to-large scale industries are moving towards the latest marketing strategies and withdrawing conventional techniques. Eventually, the demand for online marketers to meet the market needs high.

Since digital marketing is a mix of various creative branches (as mentioned above), candidates can seek distinctive career choices. They can become;

  • SEO Analyst
  • PPC Expert
  • Social Media Marketing Specialist
  • Content Writer
  • Web Designer & Developer
  • Mobile App Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Video Creator and more.

Digital Marketing Salary in Australia

How much can a digital marketer earn in Australia? What is the average pay scale of a digital marketer in Australia? What are the growth opportunities and digital marketing scope in Australia?

This is the section to content all of your queries.

Concluding all of the digital marketing positions, the average digital marketing specialist salary in Australia is AU$64,938 per annum – PayScale website. However, you come to grab varying salary figures in different roles.

Furthermore, digital marketing salary is also affected forcibly by location, the company profile, experience, skillsets, and more aspects.

According to the skillsets, the average (per year) salary in Australia is as follow:

  • Social Media Marketing – AU$63,451
  • Search Engine Optimization – AU$61,983
  • Digital Marketing – AU$64,969
  • Search Engine Marketing – AU$63,898
  • Email Marketing – AU$66,492

Similarly, the pay scale of an online marketing professional fluctuates as follows:

  • An Entry-Level Digital Marketing Specialist (less than 1 year of exp.) – AU$50,715
  • An Early-Career Digital Marketing Specialist (1 to 4 years of exp.) – AU$61,763
  • A Mid-Career Digital Marketing Specialist (5 to 9 years of exp.) – AU$74,487
  • An Experienced Digital Marketing Specialist (10 to 19 years of exp.) – AU$76,197

How the digital marketing specialist salary in Australia differs as per location? The trends are as below:

  • Melbourne (Victoria) – 6% more than the national average
  • Sydney (New South Wales) – 2% more than the national average
  • Adelaide (South Australia) – 8% less than the national average
  • Gold Coast (Queensland) – 8% less than the national average
  • Brisbane (Queensland) – 10% less than the national average
  • Geelong (Victoria) – 10% less than the national average
  • Perth (Western Australia) – 13% less than the national average

Employers Look for Online Marketing Professionals

As per a statement by The Left Bank, more than half of companies are searching for experienced digital marketing professionals. The possibilities and growth in this segment are ever-expanding, right from SEO to futuristic content marketing strategy creation and implementation.

Further, people love to shop, communicate, and spread their message across the web. They also work more remotely (virtual presence) than ever before in history. Hence, with more than half of the population online, companies like to interact and grab them via digital channels with the help of online marketing specialists.

Corporate entities do invest in digital marketing to ensure a solid presence in the digital space. They implement web marketing strategies to confirm that they are visible to their potential clients in a way that feels natural.

Ultimately, it creates a mammoth room for young aspirants to expand their skills in the virtual circuit. They are well in a position to ask for higher salary packages, given the need for online marketers’ services in this cut-throat competitive era.

The Final Thought

Digital marketing is among the most-fascinated fields to incline candidates inward. The new advertising module has impacted the business work as a whole to develop new career prospects on aside.

You have plenty of reasons to work as a digital marketing specialist in Australia. These guys are well-in-demand to capture attractive digital marketing salaries in Australia. Additionally, you will also have some other perks in the package.

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