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Angular JS training in Chandigarh - Nowadays, everyone wants to learn Angular JS because of its best exposure. WebHopers Academy gives the best coaching in the Angular JS field. We desire to provide quality teaching methods with our experts. This course is specially designed in an updated simple way so that every individual can understand it without any difficulty.

Angular JS is a powerful JavaScript framework, used for developing single-page applications (SPA) projects in a very clean and maintainable way. SPA is a web application or web site that interacts with the user by dynamically rewrite the current page rather than loading entire new pages from the server.

What modules included in Angular JS?

We design the syllabus in the way that learners can easily learn it and pursue their careers in this field. It is a very innovative course which is differentiated into small modules so that every level person can grasp it without any difficulty. Here, I m going to present the partition Angular JS course which helps you to clear the confusion about it.

  • Introduction to angular
  • Definition
  • Features
  • Difference between Angular and Angular JS
  • Steps to implement local development environment
  • Executing the first angular program using NodeJS and NPM
  • Executing using visual video
  • Angular Architecture
  • Basic block diagram
  • Angular modules
  • Angular library
  • Component, templates, and metadata.
  • Services
  • Displaying data using templates
  • About directives
  • Components and data binding properties
  • Model object
  • Working with arrays
  • External HTML template file
  • Data binding
  • Binding properties
  • One-way binding
  • Event binding
  • Two-way binding
  • Attribute binding
  • Styles binding
  • Style and class binding
  • Built-in directives
  • Using component styles
  • Special selectors
  • Template-driven forms
  • Generate component that generates the forms
  • Create a template with initial form layout
  • Bind data properties
  • Add the name attribute
  • Show and hide the validation error message
  • Resetting the form
  • Advance component features
  • Revising what are components and component life cycle
  • A dynamic component using NG component outlet.
  • Reactive forms
  • Introduction
  • More form control
  • Set value and patch value
  • Validation from elements
  • Submitting and resetting form
  • Using form builder
  • Pipes
  • Built-in pipes
  • Custom pipes
  • Parameterized custom pipe
  • Pipes and change detection
  • Pure and impure pipes
  • Dependency injections: -
  • Understand dependency injections
  • Understand DI
  • Exploring provider
  • Types of token
  • Types of dependencies
  • Configuring and implementing DI
  • Optional dependencies

Services in AngularJS:-

  • Building and injecting custom services
  • Built-in $http service
  • Promises and observables
  • Angular routing
  • Configuring and navigating
  • Parameterized routes
  • Nested or child routes
  • Angular modules
  • Add modules as root module
  • Feature module
  • Lazy loading a module
  • Shared module
  • Performing CRUD operations as in real-time angular applications
  • Create an ASP.NET MVC Web API application
  • Add angular-seed download file and configure the project
  • Setup project for entity framework code first model
  • Create a feature
  • Configure to use HTTP
  • Program angular modules to perform CRUD operations

Why choose WebHopers Academy For AngularJs Training in Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali?

There are many reasons to choose WebHopers Academy. We will give you numerous benefits that can help you to make your career bright.

  • Professional trainers: - We have well-educated experts who are always ready to train you properly. The way of teaching is advanced.
  • Professional syllabus: -The syllabus is designed according to the updated version.
  • Demo before joining: -Everywhere demo class is not free. But our institute provides free demo class which helps students to decide about the course and the way.
  • Daily projects: -Daily projects are assigning to students because we believe in more practical work.
  • Individual attention: -Not every student has the same learning power. So professionals teach students according to their grasping power.
  • Placement option: -This is the best part of our Academy. We arrange interviews with national/international companies. We care about the student's future.
  • Preparations for interviews: -With the course, we also provide perfect interview training. Without, interview tricks, course training is considered half knowledge. We do not charge money for this.
  • Online classes: -WebHopers also provides online classes. Sometimes students want to learn but in that place where they live a no good place to get training. Hence, we decided to deliver online classes to them.
  • Backup classes: -If a student misses the syllabus, then we have backup classes to teach them again. We want the best result, due to this, we do afford.
  • Practical training: -"Practice makes a man perfect". With the assignments, we also believe in practical work.
  • A week and weekly classes: - For workers, we have special classes on the weekend. We provide teaching services 7 days of the week.
  • Authorized certificates: -After completing the course, we give our company's certificate. Also, we provide authorized certificates to students that help to maintain their careers.

We provide services at very little cost because a student's career is our priority. There is no compromising with studies. We prepared students as professionals. We care, students, we care you. First, try our services then believe it.  

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